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Measurement Context Extraction from Text: Discovering Opportunities and Gaps in Earth Science

Hundman, Kyle; Mattmann, Chris A.;
Open Access English
  • Published: 11 Oct 2017
We propose Marve, a system for extracting measurement values, units, and related words from natural language text. Marve uses conditional random fields (CRF) to identify measurement values and units, followed by a rule-based system to find related entities, descriptors and modifiers within a sentence. Sentence tokens are represented by an undirected graphical model, and rules are based on part-of-speech and word dependency patterns connecting values and units to contextual words. Marve is unique in its focus on measurement context and early experimentation demonstrates Marve's ability to generate high-precision extractions with strong recall. We also discuss Marve's role in refining measurement requirements for NASA's proposed HyspIRI mission, a hyperspectral infrared imaging satellite that will study the world's ecosystems. In general, our work with HyspIRI demonstrates the value of semantic measurement extractions in characterizing quantitative discussion contained in large corpuses of natural language text. These extractions accelerate broad, cross-cutting research and expose scientists new algorithmic approaches and experimental nuances. They also facilitate identification of scientific opportunities enabled by HyspIRI leading to more efficient scientific investment and research.
free text keywords: Computer Science - Information Retrieval, Computer Science - Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science - Computation and Language
Funded by
NSF| An open source framework for metadata exploration and discovery of Polar Data
  • Funder: National Science Foundation (NSF)
  • Project Code: 1348450
  • Funding stream: Directorate for Geosciences | Division of Polar Programs
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