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Publication . Article . 2013

The Complex Model Of The Universe

Narayan Kumar;
Open Access
Published: 23 Mar 2013
Publisher: Zenodo

Abstract: We study a super unified theory with gauge group SU(11). The subgroup SU(6) has been interpreted as a new type of energy source other than SU(5)[SU(5)  SU(3)  SU(2) U(1)], where SU(3) the strong energy group; SU(2) the weak energy group & U(1) the electro dynamics]. We consider a (4+D)–dimensional Friedmann–Robertson–Walker type universe having complex scale factor R + iRI , where R is the scale factor corresponding to the usual 4–dimensional Universe while RI is that of D–dimensional space. It is then compared with (4+D)–dimensional Kaluza–Klein Cosmology having two scale factors R and a(= iRI). It is shown that the rate of compactification of higher dimension depends on extra dimension ‘D’. The Wheeler–DeWitt equation is constructed and general solution is obtained. It is found that for D = 6 (i.e. in 10 dimension), the Wheeler–DeWitt equation is symmetric under the exchange RI  R.

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Microsoft Academic Graph classification: Non-standard cosmology Big Rip Fractal cosmology Metric expansion of space Ekpyrotic universe Flatness problem Scale factor (cosmology) Mathematics De Sitter universe Theoretical physics

arXiv: General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology