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Publication . Article . 2021


Dr Narayan Kumar Bhadra;
Open Access

We study an important fact called Mind & Sense Datum (matter based). Considering these emerges by the photoelectric effects conducted by the photon-like energy packets “narayan” including photons or quanta of ordinary light through electromagnetic interactions of the matter nuclei weak energy forces of SU(2) in the respective framework of SU(2) ´ U(1), also interacted with bio-molecular particles constructed by the various combinations of lepton-like but quark-type [assuming six set of quark-types each set having five different quark-type] of exotic matter fluids in wave status are tightly binding by the bosons of SU(6) combining with quarks of usual matter energy in brain neuron microtubules for the case of human or any other suitable places of brain-likes of lives. We then found several new unknown Particles-Likes “bhadras” with a new kind of strong forces those are combining with quarks of ordinary matter particles formed Bio-Molecules through chemical bonding of matter atoms or polymers etc. are internally linked through photoelectric-like current for exchanging the necessary information between all parts of the body-system. Hence created a living-body-system of the whole system link through laser-like beam of new energies etc. inclinable to the photo-electrodes-like tube in brain cell for the case of Human-likes and then created holography mind with gradually unfolding sense datum. Thus human brain conceived as an interfacing organ that not only produces mind through consciousness but also received instructional information.

Considering there possible variable wave frequencies packets of light constructed by photon-like [made up from neutrinos-like of the new energies SU(6), SU(12), SU(24) etc.] quanta in wave status "narayan" within our Physical Universe produce consciousness of us then by photoelectric effects created mind with sense datum.

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New Quantum Energy Sources, New Particle-likes Quark, Soft Matters, Consciousness, Lumps of Matters, Photoelectric Effects on Mind, Sense Datum, New kind of Electromagnetism.