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Publication . Article . Other literature type . 2020

How SU-Levels Imply Consciousness and Life

Bhadra, Dr Narayan;
Open Access

There may be created electromagnetic force-fields with several short wave-lengths of “Invisible Rays” together with “Fluxes of Rays” or “Packets of New Energy” by the energy groups of SU(6), SU(12), SU(24),...,etc. simultaneously in their respective framework of “SU(6) × U(1); SU (12) × U(1); SU(24) × U(1)”; ......etc. with strengthen current and may also new unknown bosons of SU(6) are tightly binding by the lepton-likes were formed a large number of “New Unknown Particle-Likes” in wave status which are directly or indirectly linked to the formation of matter elements constituted by quarks for the existences of Life, Consciousness, Sense Datum and all other Biological Phenomena etc. and are given many more answers to the unsolvable questions about the mysterious universe regarding variety of lives etc. Thus we found a new world of primary atoms or elements in the wave status of energies maintain the theory of Quantum-Entanglement of Wave-Wave duality other than the existing secondary material worlds and hence opened a “Pandora Box” for our future generations. These new unknown Atomic-Worlds and Energy Packages with various short wave lengths creates consciousness etc. are now essential for the discussion.

Consciousness Studies


Consciousness, New Energy, Unified Groups, Neutrinos.