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Publication . Article . 2012

The Potential of Metadata for Linked Open Data and its Value for Users and Publishers

Anneke Zuiderwijk; Keith G. Jeffery; Marijn Janssen;
Open Access
Published: 21 Dec 2012 Journal: JeDEM - eJournal of eDemocracy and Open Government, volume 4, pages 222-244 (eissn: 2075-9517, Copyright policy )
Publisher: JEDEM Journal of e-Democracy and Open Government

Public and private organizations increasingly release their data to gain benefits such as transparency and economic growth. The use of these open data can be supported and stimulated by providing considerable metadata (data about the data), including discovery, contextual and detailed metadata. In this paper we argue that metadata are key enablers for the effective use of Linked Open Data (LOD). We illustrate the potential of metadata by 1) presenting an overview of advantages and disadvantages of metadata derived from literature, 2) presenting metadata requirements for LOD architectures derived from literature, workshops and a questionnaire, 3) describing a LOD metadata architecture that meets the requirements and 4) showing examples of the application of this architecture in the ENGAGE project. The paper shows that using metadata with the appropriate metadata architecture can yield considerable benefits for LOD publication and use, including improving find ability, accessibility, storing, preservation, analysing, comparing, reproducing, finding inconsistencies, correct interpretation, visualizing, linking data, assessing and ranking the quality of data and avoiding unnecessary duplication of data. The Common European Research Information Format (CERIF) can be used to build the metadata architecture and achieve the advantages.

Subjects by Vocabulary

Microsoft Academic Graph classification: Data science Computer science Database catalog Data dictionary Data element Geospatial metadata World Wide Web Meta Data Services Metadata repository Data mapping Metadata

Library of Congress Subject Headings: lcsh:Political science (General) lcsh:JA1-92


Computer Science Applications, Sociology and Political Science, metadata, linked open data, LOD, open data, architecture, requirements, elements, CERIF, metadata architecture

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