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Publication . 2021

TEI Lex-0 Etym – towards terse recommendations for the encoding of etymological information

Bowers, Jack; Herold, Axel; Romary, Laurent; Tasovac, Toma;
Open Access
Published: 13 Jan 2021
Publisher: HAL CCSD
Country: France

The present paper describes the etymological component of the TEI Lex-0 initiative which aims at defining a terser subset of the TEI guidelines for the representation of etymological features in dictionary entries. Going beyond the basic provision of etymological mechanisms in the TEI guidelines, TEI Lex-0 Etym proposes a systematic representation of etymological and cognate descriptions by means of embedded constructs based on the (for etymologies) and (for etymons and cognates) elements. In particular, given that all the potential contents of etymons are highly analogous to those of dictionary entries in general, the contents presented herein heavily re-use many of the corresponding features and constraints introduced in other components of the TEI Lex-0 to the encoding of etymologies and etymons. The TEI Lex-0 Etym model is also closely aligned to ISO 24613-3 on modelling etymological data and the corresponding TEI serialisation available in ISO 24613-4.


[INFO.INFO-DL]Computer Science [cs]/Digital Libraries [cs.DL], [INFO.INFO-CL]Computer Science [cs]/Computation and Language [cs.CL], [INFO.INFO-DL] Computer Science [cs]/Digital Libraries [cs.DL], [INFO.INFO-CL] Computer Science [cs]/Computation and Language [cs.CL]

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