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Quantifying the Unknown: How many manuscripts of the marquise de Sévigné still exist?

Simon Gabay; Lucie Rondeau Du Noyer; Matthias Gille Levenson; Ljudmila Petkovic; Alexandre Bartz;
  • Published: 20 Jul 2020
  • Country: France
International audience; Because manuscripts are lost, burned, torn apart or thrown away, it is as complex as crucial to know how many of them still exist for any philologist preparing an edition. Thanks to a (semi-)automatic and fully-open source workflow, we have extracted, structured and annotated hundreds of manuscript sale catalogues published in 19th c. Paris. The obtained level of granularity allows us not only to reconcile different sales of a single item sold multiple times, but also to identify if the manuscript is now kept in a library. Using Sévigné as a test case, we were able to calculate that c. 1% of her manuscripts still has to be found because t...
free text keywords: Manuscript Studies, Manuscript transmission, 17th century literature, Sévigné, Book trade, Information retrieval and filtering, Recherche d'information textuelle, Marché du livre, XVIIe siècle français, Manuscrit autographe, [SHS.LITT]Humanities and Social Sciences/Literature, [SHS.MUSEO]Humanities and Social Sciences/Cultural heritage and museology, [INFO.INFO-IR]Computer Science [cs]/Information Retrieval [cs.IR]

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