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Publication . Article . 2013

The use of modern technology in education: A user study on the digitization of cultural heritage

Open Access
Published: 01 Sep 2013 Journal: Journal of Education Culture and Society, volume 2,013, issue 2, pages 71-78 (issn: 2081-1640, eissn: 2081-1640, Copyright policy )
Publisher: Foundation Pro Scientia Publica
In the Republic of Serbia the idea that the digitization of cultural heritage could be used to popularize and utilize modern technologies in education was first realized in 2012. One of the results of this project was a user study. In this paper we indicate some of project’s fragments and present some of the results of the conducted research.
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Library of Congress Subject Headings: lcsh:Education (General) lcsh:L7-991 lcsh:Social sciences (General) lcsh:H1-99


digitization, cultural heritage, education, user study

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