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Ruđer Bošković Institute Annual Report 2008

Pivac, Nela, urednik;
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  • Published: 01 Jan 2009
  • Country: Croatia
The report is designed to provide an overview of the most important activities and achievements of Institute's Laboratories and Divisions during the past year. Due to IRB position as the largest public research institute in natural sciences, biomedicine, marine research and environmental sciences in the country, funded to a large extent by the Croatian Ministry of Science, Education and Sports, its mission is dependent upon the particular needs of our society. Specifically, this involves exemplary performance on three principle fronts: the production of high-quality fundamental research, strong involvement in higher education, and the provision of a leading cont...
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4. Structure and physiology of microbial communities in northern Adriatic fronts, Mirjana najdek

5. Mechanism of long-term changes in the northern Adriatic ecosystem, Robert Precali

6. Biodiversity of benthic communities in the Adriatic: natural and human impacts, Ana Travizi

1. natural and anthropogenic impacts on the Adriatic Sea ecosystem, Renato Batel

2. Croatian national monitoring programme Systematic research of the Adriatic Sea as a base for sustainable development of the Republic of Croatia (Project “Adriatic”), nenad Smodlaka

1. Schwaemme aus Rovinj (Kroatien)-Extractbereitstellung und Marikultur, Project: Molekulare Biotechnologie und Wirkstoffe mariner Schwaemme sowie Schwamm-assoziierter Mikroorganismen, Renato Batel, Werner E.G. Müller (Croatian German scientific project)

2. Biocapital, Marie Curie Research Training Network, Renato Batel, Werner E.G. Müller (Eu-FP6, 2005-2008)

3. Realization of an integrated monitoring system of the quality of the Adriatic Sea, with particular regard to eutrophication and mucilage phenomena (REQuISITE), Danilo Degobbis (Eu InTERREG IIIA, 2004-2006, extension 2007-2008)

4. Integrated system for monitoring and forecasting of meteorological and water conditions parameters in the Adriatic Sea (ADRIAMET), Danilo Degobbis (Eu InTERREG IIIA, 2004-2008)

5. Anossie attuali nel nord Adriatico, registrazione nei sedimenti in epoca storica, influenza sulle risorse di pesca e bentoniche. Modellizzazione e previsione (ANOCSIA), Robert Precali (Ministero dell'Istruzione, dell'Università e della Ricerca della Repubblica Italiana, 2004-2008)

6. Monitoring of the marine coastal current of the north Adriatic (nASCuM), nenad Smodlaka (2007-2008)

7. Implementation of the water quality monitoring in the western Istrian coastal sea (northern Adriatic) (WICOS), Tamara Đakovac (INTERREG-CARDS/PHARE 2008-2009)

8. Proteomique des Mollusques et Biomineralisation, ProMoBio, F. Marin, D. Kotrošan, Davor Medaković (Egide ECO-NET, France, 2008-2010)

9. Carboanhydrase - Gehalt / Aktivität und Biomineralisation in Mittelmeermuscheln und Schwämmen, Hans C. Schröder, Bojan Hamer (Internationales Büro des Bundesministerium fur Bildung un Forschung - BMBF, MOE 08/R55, 2008-2009)

10. Development of a Sensor for Marine Biotoxins, Daniel M. Lyons (Royal Society of Chemistry uK, SensBioTox IRG-4-2008)

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