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Institute for Computational Linguistics “A. Zampolli”
Country: Italy
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  • Funder: FCT Project Code: PTDC/LLT-LIN/6841/2020
    Funder Contribution: 214,028 EUR
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  • Funder: ANR Project Code: ANR-17-MRS5-0021
    Funder Contribution: 29,916 EUR

    "The DISPOSED-H project is dedicated to the scientific data of the Humanities and Social Sciences. It aims to give visibility to SSH resources and data at European and international level by providing a dedicated multilingual services platform. It responds to a need due to the great disparity of journals and locations of data in SHS that make them difficult to reuse, to share and to spread. It also helps to internationalize the scientific output of researchers, who often remain in a national configuration. The DISPOSED-H project aims to respond to these pitfalls by relying heavily on the ISIDORE tool, and in particular its Isidore on demand service developed by the Huma-Num TGIR. This SSH-specific search engine builds on the principles of the web of data and makes it easy to find resources while giving authors the ability to enrich their own metadata. The DISPOSED-H project is not intended to provide an alternative to scientific publishing in SSH. It marks the transition to Open Science by offering a multilingual environment and a strong commitment to Open Access. This objective justifies the choice of the INFRAEOSC call since it is then necessary to integrate the discovery platform resulting from the work of the DISPOSED-H consortium at EOSC. In doing so, the work and data of researchers in SHS will be visible both by their peers, but also by civil society (citizens, public institutions, companies). One of the contributions of this platform will be for example to link scientific productions with concrete achievements, reading recommendations, help with documentary research. The DISPOSED-H project will feed the future OPERAS infrastructure, which aims to engage in open scientific communication in SSH. The network is mostly built from the OPERAS consortium, but not only. The multidisciplinary dimension is evident here since it concerns all the sciences that we are accustomed to bringing together under the heading ""human and social sciences"". The activities of the partners offer a spectrum of possibilities large enough to meet the requirements of the call but also to develop a European environment open to the services of scientific publications in SSH. To do this, the network is structured around three types of partners: a first circle that will provide specific services related to the uses and visibility of scientific data, a second to organize the platform for integration into the EOSC, to work on its design in particular according to the different target audiences, and finally a third devoted to the issues of multilingualism, both for the platform itself and to work towards the alignment of the standards in most European languages for the ISIDORE service. The network is designed on the one hand to prepare the main issues related to the creation of the platform, such as the harmonization of standards, integration into the EOSC, possible uses for civil society and on the other hand to strengthen collaborations and exchanges between partners so that everyone has the autonomy and ease necessary to fulfill their commitments and rely on members. The DISPOSED-H project also meets the European performance criteria by the potential for innovation it brings insofar as it contributes to the structuring of the field of SHS and where it aims to promote the appropriation of the results of research by all kinds of audiences. Finally, it relies on national and European infrastructures that are already recognized in Europe and have experience in both European projects and the development of digital tools."

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