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    Giglia, Elena;
    Project: WT

    Open Access overview for humanities and social sciences

  • Open Access English

    Developments in information and communication technologies and the Open Access movement deeply affect the way research is carried out and communicated. E-journals have emerged as a significant means of scholarly communication in recent years. E-journals and other innovative infrastructures were born and are mostly used in scientific domains integrally related to technology, such as the natural sciences and medicine. However, recent developments around the world have affected the humanities as well, with respect to e-journals and other infrastructures that open up new avenues of scholarly collaboration, research communication and research preservation. Our paper focuses on the project of developing three open access journals in the humanities at the National Hellenic Research Foundation (NHRF). The project was an initiative of the National Documentation Center (NDC) of NHRF. It was carried out in collaboration with the three NHRF Institutes specializing in the humanities. We present the goals we set and the challenges we faced, and place the project within the wider picture of the Greek and international situation in the humanities. Finally, we emphasize the modifications we implemented on the journal platform, in order to achieve particular functions that the institutes called for.